Parent Group

The role of Parent Group is twofold: it is both a social vehicle and a fundraising arm.
Funds raised by Parent Group in the past have contributed to our school environment, for example, Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms and a passive play area covered in synthetic turf.
The social aspect is equally important, it is through such events that we make our school community warm, vibrant and supportive for both children and parents.
Parent Group meet every Tuesday morning in our Parent Group room, next to the canteen. You are most welcome to attend.

School Council

School Council plays a key role in Victorian Government Schools. Acting as a team, council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students. Council meets regularly, at least eight times a year, and consists of our Principal, Assistant Principal, DEECD employees, elected parents and co-opted members.

Cyber Safety


Our Cyber Safety practice is to ensure that we support and empower ALL Australian students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies both at home and school, we must arm ALL teachers, parents and the wider community with digital literacy skills and resources.

The Cyber Safety Project teams with school communities to ensure all school leaders, teachers and parents are kept up-to-date with the latest trending digital topics. We must provide space and time to learn and understand the way students can connect and interact through digital platforms, devices, sites, apps and gaming networks.

The core outcomes of our program include:


  • ‚ÄčTeachers know relevant digital citizenship elements of the digital technologies curriculum, ethical and social responsibilities
  • Teachers are aware of and understand current digital literacies and trends impacting on young people in their care
  • Teachers are able to design learning to achieve the cyber/digital technologies outcomes for students‚Äč